Our in-house style office imagines each collection with extreme attention to detail, while remaining true to the values of each brand. With its own research and development division, Elisabet is able to offer its customers everything from great added value related to current trends to a careful selection of materials and fine-tuning of the product through the creation of unique models.


Elisabet monitors national and international markets through a marketing organisation that is split between Italy and abroad, using a network of special agents and distributors in each territory. The company participates in the main exhibitions in the field and has a presence in the heart of Milan, the fashion capital, with its showroom.


With powerful experience as a manufacturing company, Elisabet can now manage, organise and monitor delocalised production process as well, guaranteeing high quality standards.


The company is structured with a dedicated in-house logistics division that can meet different delivery needs from every origin and to every destination, handling every aspect of the process in compliance with local regulations.